Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New comic idea

Okay, back in Apr. of '07 I had this dream...well nightmare that was one of the most terrifying experiences ive had in a while. Last night my internet adventures brought this urban legend to my attention. The woman in that very story was the exact same one that i was attacked by in my nightmare except she was a lot more mutilated and had her entire face wrapped but she kept asking me if i thought she was beautiful and whatnot. So i figure id do a short story centered around this character.

They even have this move that came out recently about this urban legend and just to give you an idea what she looks like i made this animated gif from the tralier

pretty creepy, right....yeah

Oh and here's a sketch i did last night..MORE NAPKIN ART!

I'll report back with sketches for this comic idea and all that jazz.

until then, laters!

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Zack said...

Haha, I like this one Elgin.